Upon upon a time I went to Morocco and fell in love. Ohhh yes! 

This incredible country is full of the most wonderful contrasts. Towering, snow-capped mountains and vast deserts give way to dynamic, heady cities brimming with ancient monuments and bustling souks. Morocco dazzles as much as it intrigues, marrying European influences and African traditions. 

Morocco is the home of the Berbers, or Amazigh, who have been present in the Maghreb for more than 5000 years. Despite numerous attempts to define their true origins, the Berbers remain a historical mystery. Persian, Medes, Canaanite, Indian origins ... they are found everywhere ... and nowhere. 

Their nomadic life led the Berbers across the Atlas Mountains during the Arab invasion in 700 AD. The tribes settled in Morocco, occupying small mountain villages, the Souss valley and the Sahara desert, the most famous of which are the Rifains of the north, the Chleuhs of the south-west, the Kabyles of northern Algeria and the Touregs of the Sahara. 

The diversity and richness of this culture can be found in the language and traditions, reflected in the tribal patterns which decorate Berber carpets, the deep malachite of the Tamegroute pottery and the purity of raw cotton and wool textiles. 

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