Sufism is deeply rooted in the concept of unity and purity. Pure means unmixed with any other element, or in other words that which exists in its own element unalloyed and unstained.

The ancient path of Sufism, or Tasawwuf as it is known amongst Muslims, is essentially the inward dimension of Islam, essentially Islamic mysticism. Sufism is the way to God via emotions and spirituality rather than through reason. It allows to clear the mental state, tame thoughts and attain a calm equilibrium. These meditative practices often bring equanimity, tranquility and clarity of mind

What lies at the core of the Sufi tradition is love. Sufis are lovers of life and do not choose which aspects of life to celebrate. Everything in life gives reason to celebrate. To a Sufi each moment is to be treated as if it were the last, therefore central to the Sufi belief is honouring life and living with gratitude. 

The Sufis often turn to their dreams for guidance, clarity and wisdom. Their philosophical psychology includes dream interpretation. Sleep and rest are vital as it is the potent time for healing and restoration. 

Sufism is much more than a religion so deeply rooted in Islam. It's also much more than a philosophy - it is a way of life. By taking care of our spiritual side, remaining positive and open to the world and other people, we are able to nourish our minds and bodies. Sufi STORE embraces this principle and has made this concept the basis of our philosophy. 


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